At C.H. Powell Company a progress together way of doing business has benefited our existence since 1919. We have prospered by recognizing the importance of each staff member and thereby fostered the ultimate aim of dedication to the client. We are participants in history - from our shipping and storage of British wool during the World War II Lend-Lease Program to being granted the 1st freight forwarder cargo booking aboard the NASA Space Shuttle in 1981.

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As a founder of Tandem Global Logistics, CH Powell Company provides professional global logistics services to facilitate international trade between our clients and their worldwide trading partners. Beyond the provision of timely and economical cargo transportation, we specialize in export and import customs services to offer a full range of integrated logistics, compliance and technology solutions worldwide.

At CH Powell, a "progress together" way of doing business has moved us forward since our founding in Boston, Massachusetts in 1919. We are a fourth-generation family business that has prospered by recognizing the importance of each team member and fostering the ultimate goal of enabling the success of our customers. For nearly a century, we have helped the flow of imports and exports that have fueled our country's growth. We have been partners with great industries through rise and fall and transformation.

CH Powell Ocean Forwarding is at the front line in the export supply chain. Today, many companies are looking to expand their customer base by growing their overseas markets. The current administration has set a goal of doubling exports over the next five years. To get your products delivered, you need a strong international supply chain and proven ocean forwarding support to help in its management. Compliance - In the post 9/11 era, compliance has never been more important. Customs and Border Protection in the U.S. and its counterpart agencies in other countries have established security regulations governing international traffic through their respective ports.

Global Distribution services are provided in direct support of Tandem Global Logistics Air Cargo and Ocean Transport services. Container Freight Stations for loading and devanning consolidated shipments are strategically located in Boston, Charleston, Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles. In-House cargo handling expedites freight receipt and delivery critical to global distribution. Transloading of ocean containers is most effectively scheduled in this environment of experienced, reliable CFS managers.

Expanding Services - Thriving on the challenges of moving unconventional cargo, Tandem Global Logistics has established a Project Cargo Department from which to manage specialty cargo transportation. Project cargo encompasses not only freight that is by weight or dimension unable to be transported in standard ocean containers, but also cargo that is ro-ro capable, of high value or requires security oversight. Al Cianfrocca, with better than 30 years of experience in ocean carriage and freight forwarding management, heads our Project Cargo Department.

Value is unleashed where technology engages people and process. Through our in-house development team and top-tier partners, CH Powell's technology solutions enable our clients to improve compliance and decision-making, reduce transaction costs and serve markets faster and more reliably. We have unique flexibility to meet importers and exporters wherever they are on the technology curve. For decades, we've embraced process automation and systems integration as a means to compress lead times, drive down transactional costs and eliminate margin for error.

As certain emerging economies become export competitors, U.S. firms more than ever will rely on the most competent, best positioned ocean forwarders to manage the movement of their products. For the past 23 years at CH Powell, I've helped give our clients an exporting edge. We welcome the opportunity to serve you from here in Charleston or from any of our other customer-oriented forwarding port centers. Key to CH Powell's mission is delivering the highest level of service by cultivating a work environment where industry experts thrive - so that our clients achieve their unique business objectives and exceed the expectations of their customers.

As a progressive transportation service provider and a core member of the Tandem Global Logistics network, CH Powell evolves to meet the requirements of changing worldwide markets. We are equipped for any customer global logistics services we are called on to fulfill. In conjunction with our Tandem Global Logistics partners, CH Powell continues to offer additional solutions in response to these demands by development of enhanced internet tracking/tracing capabilities, by direct investment in IT, personnel and global logistics services in network partner, emerging economies and by adding management staff to global compliance.