From our humble beginnings as a family run and run business in Hunlock Creek, Pa to today our aim has remained the same: Say what you can do and do what you say. That simple statement has been one of the keys to our success. Although things look and operate a little different than we did then, we still specialize in full truck load transportation, warehousing, real estate development and now providing a complete range of 3PL services, from procurement to the end user, you can rely on us.

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  City Pittston, PA
  Zip Code 18640
  Address 58 Pittston Avenue
  Phone Number (570) 603-0180

From Our Website

Calex Integrated Supply Chain Solutions provides the trucks, drivers, warehouses, and asset-based logistics to help companies of all sizes maximize the efficiency in their supply chain and distribution network. We specialize in full truck load transportation, warehousing, real estate development, and a range of other third-party logistics services. We have been operating from Northeast Pennsylvania since 1974, and we have stuck to our mission statement all these years: "say what you can do and do what you say."

At Calex, our transportation services are about more than just taking your goods from point A to point B. They're about offering a range of integrated services so everything from pickup to delivery contributes to a competitive advantage and effective supply chain management. We have a long history of safely and reliably transporting a wide range of products, from raw materials to fragile consumer goods, and we can tailor or services to match your exact needs. At Calex, we offer dedicated transportation services so you can reliably and safely move your goods to their final destination.

How your store your products is just as important as how you move your products. At Calex, we provide food-grade storage, dry storage, refrigerated and frozen storage, and outside storage. We even offer short- and long-term warehousing, so you always have access to convenient, reliable, and safe storage space. Our warehousing solutions can help your company reduce overhead costs and capital investments. We also offer a wide array of third-party logistics services, from procurement to the end user.