Our fleet specializes in hourly trucking for the Graphic Arts Industry within a 300 mile radius for remarkably less than you can imagine. Why is Crystal Cargo the fastest most efficient courier firm available? We are the only service in existence with a Computerized Traffic Information System.

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  City Smithtown, NY
  Zip Code 11787
  Address 4 Timber Croft Wy
  Phone Number (631) 366-0660

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Meet the team of highly skilled, dedicated professionals that learned of all the shortcomings prevalent throughout the Same Day Courier and Trucking Industry first hand. It's extraordinary to discover how Crystal Cargo brought the ultimate definition of personalized service to the Transportation Industry and specifically what they do to provide this level of service to all their customers (and their customer's customers).

He then started a Graphic Arts firm in the early 80's. An industry heavily dependent on Same Day Courier and Trucking services. We literally tried every one of these companies on Long Island and no matter how many chances we gave them or how much we communicated, they just couldn't accommodate us. So we decided the only way to raise the level of service to where we needed it to be was by opening our own (Crystal Cargo) in 1985. His wife Barbara, who worked as an executive in the transportation industry for 15 years since she graduated college, brought her expertise to the table and is involved with the administrative end of the business.

Not too long ago, it seemed like every big business was buying up as many small companies within an industry as they could (to shrink the competition) in order to control a good portion of the market. Often they would then raise the prices and a short time after that, go public. Many at the top end of these deals made a substantial amount of money and went on to the next venture, leaving the customers behind. This trend continued until recent years when initial public offerings ran out of steam.