ELM GLOBAL is a 3rd-party logistics partner delivering optimal levels of visibility and inventory control to even the most complex of logistics operations. Many respected firms trust ELM's huge knowledge and services to streamline their logistics operations. ELM offers support in the areas of manufacturing, distribution, repair, returns, refurbishment, and parts logistics.

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  City Brentwood, NY
  Zip Code 11717
  Address 50 Emjay Boulevard
  Phone Number (631) 273-7470

From Our Website

ELM Global Logistics is a third party logistic partner established in 1980 and we have grown throughout the Northeast with distribution facilities totaling more than 1,000,000 square feet. We offer both dedicated or shared operations, along with a range of services such as cross-docking, reverse logistics, pick and pack services, repackaging, assembly, consolidation, as well as many other value-added services. Long-term or short-term, we offer you the flexibility to grow your business and are there to support these needs.

ELM Global Logistics houses the technology and distribution solutions your company needs to get your product to your customers. We possess the resources and experience to provide innovation, customized solutions to the complex logistical requirements of today's global enterprises. Through the use of electronic communications, we can provide advance shipping notices, order fulfillment, and shipping instructions. Our cost-effective, flexible warehousing and distribution operations are a must for your business.

ELM understands the importance of maintaining a reliable flow of product to seamlessly receive, manage, and process orders to your customer base. Many of our customers come to us with specific issues they want solved or processes they want to streamline. We take pride in partnering with our customers to exceed performance standards. Whether receiving products or shipping customer orders, ELM can help minimize your transportation costs. By truck or by Rail we can help select suitable carriers based upon your specific requirements.