Since 1997, Freight Tec continues to be your one source for getting your freight from point A to point B. We are experts in arranging Flatbed, Reefer, Van, Military, Rail, Oversized/Overweight and Heavy Equipment moves across the country. We have multiple offices throughout the United States, with experts to get the job done right and professionally.

Freight Tec specializes in providing services and tools for independent freight agents and freight companies. This allows them to focus on sales and operations for their company. We do not compete with our agents or the companies we provide service to, because we do not operate an internal sales operation. We provide our agents and freight companies superior back office support such as; accounts payable, accounts receivable, collections, credit checks, carrier setup, software, legal dept., technology systems, proprietary rating and tracking tools, back office operations, financial management, and strong brand and reputation.

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  City Bountiful, UT
  Zip Code 84010
  Address 190 N. Main St, Ste 225
  Phone Number (801) 298-7722

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Freight Tec offers Shippers the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are working with a Broker that has been in business 29 years. We provide exceptional service, additional insurance coverages to protect you from claims, and a $100, 000 bond.

Customer Testimonials

Working with Freight Tec, and it’s management team is always a pleasure. We appreciate the great working relationship we have built together, and look forward to a continued great working partnership. Thank you.

I love this Company. Freight Tec has treated me so well, and they have always done what they say they will do when we collaborate and work together. I have worked on special projects for the owners, and they have always treated me great! I trust them. I get prompt responses to my emails, and prompt payments when I invoice them. I look forward to continuing working with them more in the future.

Freight tec is easy to work with, they don't mico manage and let you get the job done, will use them again.

Love working with Freight Tec....especially with Brandon and Lisa.....keep up the great job for us the carriers.

Great company to work with.


Freight Agent Testimonials Working with Freight Tec

Four different Freight Tec Agents talk about how their businesses changed when they signed up with Freight Tec. The verdict, don't wait! Visit for more on the Freight Tec Agent Program.

Freight Agent Testimonial Tracy Dramatic Change

Tracy took the leap and started working with Freight Tec years ago. Her business has grown and she has been able to focus on what she does best, selling, rather than office and paperwork. Learn more about our Freight Agent Program at

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Thanks, Larry Duryee, for your excellent review on Google @Birdeye_
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Freight agents looking for a broker, give them the friend test
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Highway Bill, and what it means for You:
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One of the very top values at Freight Tec is Family. Much respect for the many Drivers and the sacrifice they make.
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Are you a Carrier? Tell us the lanes you like to run, and the equipment you have, and we'll match you up with great paying, quality freight!
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We're in San Antonio for #tiaconv12 - if you're here too or just in the area, say Hi! #fb
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Our power was out all day today due to severe wind damage in our area. If you tried contacting us and couldn't, please try us tomorrow!
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It is our sincerest wish that this Thanksgiving holiday is a time of happiness for you and your family.
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If you're an experienced freight agent with a loyal customer base and are considering making a change, please contact us today to request more information. If you're an experienced Freight Agent or Logistics Professional with an existing book of business and you want to have these advantages (plus a whole lot more), we want to talk with you!

It should be split the same way your commission was paid out between you and your Broker. If you are on a 50% / 50% split with your Broker, then you should both pay $25,000.00 of the bad debt. If you are on a 60%/40% split, you would pay $30,000, and the Broker would pay $20,000. And both parties always have great interest in doing business with customers who will pay you. I know of a company who practiced the policy of paying 100% of any bad debts from their agents. They did it because they thought it would lure agents into their company, and you what?

The automated, driverless vehicle is something we keep hearing more and more about. They could potentially remove the human error factor in driving, it could save a lot of lives. But it's expensive, and not everyone is going to want to give up control of their vehicles. In an moment of, what we can only call road rage inspired insanity, a motorist in Salt Lake City became enraged when a semi-truck changed lanes in front of their car. Instead of simply slowing down and giving the truck room, they decided to get "revenge" on the truck driver.