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We're a complete service Customs Broker and Freight Forwarder. By treating each of our client's businesses as our own we're able to provide world class service which is reliable, cost-effective, and flexible. We are well equipped to understand the import requirements of our diverse worldwide clientele.

In Time Shipping Corp was established in 1999 in New York. Since then our network of offices and agents has expanded to cover all important Domestic and International Ports and Airports. We supply a top level of forwarding and logistics service including International Air & Ocean, Domestic Surface and Air, as well as Customs Brokerage, Insurance.

JIF Logistics., a New York based global supplier of integrated logistic services, can handle any and all of your shipping requirements. With our offices situated throughout the US, Europe, Asia, and Africa, JIF's worldwide locations can handle cargoes moved into or out of anywhere in the world. JIF Logistics provides a huge range of logistic value-added services, from air to sea to rail and ground.

International Logistic Services., ILS one of the top International Household Goods HHGs airfreight forwarders in the world has now an Ocean Freight Division available to its clients. This division will be lead by Steven Leff, former Vice President of 7M Transport. I am very excited about this new opportunity, and look ahead to assemble a staff of industry specialists here in Louisville, KY.

Cargo Airport Services Chairman of the Board Carl Smitelli has has some iron-tight views on client service. Imagine a cargo handling firm built from the ground up around the requirements of its clients. And then we created Cargo Airport Services USA, a different type of cargo firm. One focused exclusively on cargo.

This site provides complete information about the exciting business of World Airways, a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Aviation Holdings. We are proud of our accomplishments in a very reasonable industry. We provide clients a top level of flexibility, located on a record of safety and reliability.

Services within New York, New Jersey and beyond. Online tracking and tracing of shipments. Atlantic Freight and Convention Services JFK is proud to announce the purchase of our latest facility. Our new building is situated on Brookville Blvd., minutes away from JFK. We have a combined warehouse and office space of 26,000 square feet. Are you searching for office or warehouse space?

We Ship America. is the leading supplier of freight, shipping, and logistics services. You may not have heard of us, maybe because we're not our own carrier. Our business is ensuring you get the highest service and rates available. As such, we contract with over 300 major carriers. Some carriers include UPS, Fed-Ex, DHL, Roadway Express, New England Motor Freight, to name a few.

Learn more about the Emirates Environmental Policy. Enhanced client relations module now available. Emirates SkyCargo is live with IATA e-freight. Check published shipment rates based on origin-destination and weight-volume.

N America Aviation Services NAAS is a New York based corporation that was set up in 1987 as an airline cargo terminal handling firm. With a straightforward strategy of providing consistently superior service at a cost effective price, NAAS has evolved from its humble beginnings, with only one airline account, into a medium sized aviation services firm with over 300 employees providing a huge array

Ever since it was established in 1976, C.A.L. Cargo Airlines has proven, year after year, that air shipment is feasible and worthwhile, delivering top-quality. LACHS Profile The Liege air cargo handling service, known as LACHS, was set up in 1996 as an airfreight. We have air cargo stations and offices throught the European continent.

When we work hard, we can learn more. If we learn more, we can work better. Give me your tired,your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden gate! Keep up to date with breaking news from Eye for Transport.

The Freight Logistics Group of Companies started in 1994 as Freight Logistics. or FLI situated in the John F. Kennedy JFK Cargo Area in Jamaica, New York, specializing in Airfreight Export cargo shipments to Asia. Within a few short years, FLI speedily gained its stripes as a knowledgeable, professional and reliable niche freight forwarder in New York City having diversified into other areas such as

What's the common thread that this eclectic group of products share. Farrell International has been entrusted with the responsibility of getting the shipments of these goods to their destinations efficiently and cost effectively. We aid firms in every conceivable industry achieve their provide chain and global logistics goals.

As the world inevitably moves toward one unified global market, transportation has become a vital element of your total business strategy and planning. When you make Global Point Systems your Forwarder, you earn a new resource: A group of dedicated Transportation and Freight Logistics Professionals who make certain your vital shipments get to your markets, wherever they are, on time and within budget.

We at Generation Logistics have always believed that to understand your client means understanding the region in which they operate, the industry that they work in, the commodities that they manufacturer and the challenges that they face. At Generation Logistics we do not just move freight -we make connections, solve problems, find efficiencies, and meet the challenges that aid our clients businesses

Demars International. is a complete-service international forwarding firm established in March 1990. The firm specializes in import and export shipments via air and ocean. The firm's primary service strengths are in Central and Eastern Europe with majority of traffic to and from the newly independent Balkan States.

Delivering air, ocean, and ground freight forwarding services as well as Warehousing, Distribution and Customs Clearance services. With our Worldwide Network in over one hundred countries, we can ship your freight to or from anywhere in the world.

Today's ever-increasing growth of international trade opportunities brings with it continual challenges to the logistics of freight moving. The global political and economic climates are constantly changing and with it, trade agreements, shipping and customs regulations.