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Situated in Palmetto, Georgia for thirteen years, we're a family run business delivering transportation services, truck maintenance, and vacation resort rentals.

CaribEx Worldwide is a Logistics Facilitator providing global services oriented to Latin America and the Caribbean. Through the utilization of the most efficient combination of firm owned resources and transportation vendors, CaribEx Worldwide strives to accomplish the task at hand as set forth by the customer.

Comments, Suggestions or Problems regarding this website? The aim of this page is to supply general information about our firm, and allow access for authorized clients to the wealth of freight data we store. Industrial Transportation Consultants ITC, is a consulting company for Traffic Management and Freight Bill Auditing.

Our belief at Customs Services & Solutions is that after all is said and done business is about people. That is why at Customs Services & Solutions everything we do is designed around our personal client's requirements. Always foremost with Customs Services & Solutions is to provide highly professional and knowledgeable service to our clients. We are truly your partner in international shipping.

We hold a Common Carrier Certificate. We operate primarily in the Southeastern portion of the country. We are situated just S of Atlanta, GA. We have been in business since February 1, 1995. The owners, Gerald Bachelor and Jim Newell, have a combined total of over 65 years in the transportation business, the most of which has come in truckload traffic.

Our goal is to provide value for our customers by providing innovative tailored solutions to move products and information more efficiently and effectively with the right people, systems and processes.

Cieutat has been delivering elite on time delivery for over seventy years. Regardless of requirements Cieutat can meet your transportation requiements and increase your visability across various networks. Our on time percentage is one of the industry's finest at 99.998%. By maintaining the finest driving force in the Region, we're able to make sure your product gets delivered when you need it there.

Originally, Drug Transport. solved the distribution challenges of the Healthcare Industry. Successfully solving the demanding and complex distribution problems of the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare suppliers has given us the knowledge to supply creative and personalized solutions to any logistics challenge.